Wrappit / Lapinge

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 (En)    Wrappit =Wrap for rabbit!
    (Fr)     Lapinge:  Linge pour lapin!

The wrappit is used to restrain rabbits for multiple task such as: nail trim, tattoo, vaccine, etc.

The wrappit comes in 3 sizes:

Small: 16" x 14"
" Dwarf breeds"  like Netherland dwarf, Holland Lop, Britannia Petite, Polish, Mini-Rex, Dwarf Hoto, etc.

Medium: 18" x 15" 1/2
"Medium breeds" like Mini-Lop, Mini Satin, Rex, Tan, Hanava, etc.

Large: 20" x 18"
"Large Breed" like Giant Flemish, Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, American Sable, etc.

How to do: Place the rabbit on the wrappit, start by wrapping the upper body then the rear. Pull the rear legs and wrap tighter. you can wrap again thighter the upper body so that your rabbit is like a hotdog!!!

SALE: 17.00$ CAN each*

Rabbitry Stitching small 0-10 caracters = 7.00$ CAN 11 to 20 caracters = 12.00$

Shipping: Worldwide - Ask for a quote!

Can be paid VIA:  PAYPALL

* Let me know 1) size, 2) quantity 3) preference 4) Zip code/ country to Quote shipping

If you are are happy with your wrappit, feel free to share and post picture on Facebook and give me a thumbs up!

To order please contact:        
Contact me at: [email protected]  
Drummondville, Qc, Canada   

Annie-Pier Raymond
Owned: La Maison Des Nains -MDN's rabbitry
Breeder of netherland dwarf rabbit 2005-2015